Shea butter has some amazing properties which validate it for usage, it is estimated to have 50% weight of unsaturated fatty acids and another equal 50% weight of saturated fatty acids.  Shea butter is a popular extract from the nuts of the shea tree and also contains ingredients such as palmitic, stearic, oleic, and linoleic fatty acids that help to balance oils on your skin. Why is Nigerian Shea butter a big deal? This is because it has been a cosmetics ingredient for centuries and has not faltered in its benefits. It contains some antioxidant vitamins that encourage healthy skin cell growth. A native to West Africa.

The high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it an amazing product and a great choice for smoothing, calming effects and conditioning your skin. It has an off-white or ivory color and is technically a tree nut product. it’s very low in proteins that can trigger allergies and this makes it unique from other tree nut products. For accurate evidence, there is no medical detailed analysis pointing out any allergy to topical shea butter. One other property of shea butter is fighting skin infection which is somehow limited, that is, it may not be able to treat all kinds of fungal infections but kills the spore of the fungi that are responsible for ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Do you know that your body constantly makes new skin cells and get rid of dead skin cells? Your body gets rid of between 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells each day. Dead skin cells tend to sit on top, and new skin cells form at the bottom of the upper layer of skin which is the epidermis. Here’s the fun fact, with the right moisturization balance on the surface of your skin, you’ll be able to reduce the dead skin cell to a few and this will give room for fresh cell regeneration in the epidermis.

If you have tree nut allergies, you should still be able to use shea butter on your skin. When questions such as “Is there a documented case of topical shea butter allergies?” The answer is a confident No! and it is advised and equally recommended that you buy your shea butter when it is in its raw and unrefined form, that is if you want to enjoy the most beneficial treatment of shea butter. The more that shea butter is processed, the more its amazing, all-natural properties are diluted and become minimal.

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