Ginger-clopedia: Herbal Cure and The Necessary Details

It is often said that “we do not appreciate what we have until we lose it” and this explains why we should start attaching more importance to ginger and see beyond using it as a food spice or a recipe for a special dish. Zingiber officinale (Ginger) acts as a treatment for ailments, and one of which will be an area of concentration is “Convulsion”. Convulsion occurs both in children and adults, it is quite different from seizure. People often confuse the two to be the same thing and use them interchangeably. We equally have different types of seizure but convulsion, on the other hand, is another type of seizure, it is an involuntary contraction of muscles that is associated mostly with brain disorders, and it tends to occur during specific epileptic seizures. The truth is you can have convulsions even though you don’t have epilepsy but seizures involve bursts of electrical disturbance in the brain. 


As stated earlier we have different types of seizure which include Tonic seizure- Which is when muscles in the body become stiff. Atonic seizure is when the muscle in the body is relaxed. Myoclonic seizure is a sudden increase in muscle tone as if they are being thrust with electricity and Clonic seizure is the periods of rhythmic jerking movements of the arms and legs, which sometimes occur on both sides of the body. Exclusively, this is what makes ginger very distinctive, ginger extracts have anticonvulsant effects in all the experimental treatment groups of seizure tested, proven by a timed intravenous pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure mice models, clearly showing that it depends on the dosage. Different doses of ginger extracts are efficient in increasing the threshold for myoclonic seizures and forelimb tonic extension. The higher dose of ginger aids the increase of the threshold for generalized clonic seizures.

Types of Ginger

 Ginger is an herbaceous perennial plant that is highly medicinal and the neuroprotective and inhibitory effect on glutamate receptors present in ginger is responsible for the anticonvulsant activity and the prevention of seizure discharges. Don’t just spice up your food with ginger, add it to the top list of your natural and homely remedy for the treatment of certain ailments and expect healthy results.

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