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The Power House- Dried Ginger

Apart from the amazing recipe ginger represent, it is an irresistible spice and a must-have in every home. Do you know that Nigeria ranks as the fourth largest producer of ginger? Yes! It has been in high demand even though it is expensive. And also the Third Largest Exporter of Dried Ginger in the World after China and India. It is very permissive to think or question the importance of ginger be it...

How About a Nutritional Insurance?

Adding some healthy spice to your food should not be an ordinary kitchen routine but something you are intentional about, food spices give your meal an essential flavor and makes it very tasty and special, differentiating it from the regular way of preparing such a meal. This is an example of the detail, getting 5 chefs to prepare a particular meal, the interesting part is "the taste of that meal won't be...

Hibiscus Flower- One of Nigeria’s Healthy, and Medicinal Plant

The Hibiscus plant popularly known in Nigeria as 'Zobo leaf", a genus of flower belonging to the Malvaceae family is native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, and also one of the preparation dynamics is that it can be made into powder, tea, extracts, with several health benefits- reducing blood pressure, lowers blood fat, it may help promote weight loss, reduce the growth of...

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