Almond Nuts- Are You Considering Buying From Nigeria? Check This!

Firstly, it is important to know that there are different species (types) of almonds, and that is why only one of them is cultivated, the rest are not common in Nigeria. this is evidence of the reason for few almond farmers in Nigeria. But here is the good news, almond farmers are changing dynamics in the global market and coming into the limelight. The awareness of the campaign for healthy eating has successfully grasped the attention of many people in Nigeria, and this is the reason why cooperative measures should be enforced to ensure the global dominance of healthy food crops farming for better, and sustainable healthy living. This large tropical tree in the leadwood family Combretaceae which is known as ” erminalia catappa” mainly grows in the tropical region of Asia, Africa, and Australia, and it is equally popular in India and known as Indian-almond, false Kamani, tropical almond, and sea almond, but here in Nigeria, it is found in the southern part and often called Ebeleboh in Benin. It’s a soothing description when it comes to almond, the fruits come in almond shape, from green, turns brown, and then purple when it gets ripe, you can eat the seed alone or add it as garnishing goodness in your fruit salad, what about a smoothie? a very good choice at that and the oil extracted from the dried nuts can be used for cooking to help spice up the flavor of your meal, a health benefit that should not be ignored.

Almond Nuts

Another fascinating fact about Almond is that it can be sold as shelled or unshelled, and for the seed to be revealed, the shell has to be removed. What about Blanched almonds? They are sghelled almond with hot water treatment which aids the seed coat softness, removed afterwards to show the white embryo. Information is key, and that is why having a vendor where you cab get almonds and almond based products here in Nigeria should never be difficult. Note- If you are making online purchases, take your time to make a careful research, gather information, verify and do a re-check to balance what you must have discovered about the supplie, and do not ignore this important part of looking out for comments from others who benefited from such services. Feel free to buy from local markets where tropical dried food items are commonly sold. It’s a risky move to stick to yourself,: you don’t want to get into trouble or fall victim of online/cyber scammers. so therefore, get detailed information about almond and know the local word for it whatever area you live to make the search easier. Avail yourself to Almond Export Deals/shopping too.

Brown Almonds

It will be an honest attempt to highlight the chances of almond farming performance in Nigeria, and this can be linked to the fact that Almonds need several hours to chill, which will enable the buds to Today’s Research teaches that one reason why most Almond won’t perform well in Nigeria could be traced to this fact. Almonds require several hours of chilling to enable the buds to smash suspension which is between 300 to 600 hours at a temperature below 7.2 deg. C. Optimum temperatures that best align for growth when it comes to nut production, 15-30 deg C is suitable, and truthfully, Nigeria does not have any record close to that, not even in the coolest part of the country, Jos. But we believe almond farming can still be maintained and sustained if efforts are relentlessly put together to make it work. There is a great chance for almond farming to dominate the global market and come to the limelight if working factors are enforced.

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