Spicing The Details; Give it Some Ginger!

Let’s pull back the trend a bit. How about ginger? sounds familiar? When it comes to great and irresistible taste, ginger is highly recommended to complete, and complement the assignment. Also, ginger gives a boost of health benefits in diversities, and can be enjoyed in different ways. Now let’s talk about the ways ginger spices up your food, the flavor right? mouth-watering, and satisfying, it also supports your well-being. Zingiber officinale which is popularly known as “Ginger” is a global spice that best suit different purposes with medicinal effects which include anti-diabetic- a medication that alters the glucose level in the blood, antibacterial, antiarthritis, antiinflammatory, anticancer, and antifungal. One of the nutrient features of ginger is that it helps with efficient digestion, the benefits are quite amazing, ginger has helped in so many ways and this can be traced back decades ago even to date, pregnant women aren’t left out, this is because ginger helps to remedy “morning sickness” and ease other queasiness that can be linked with pregnancy. As challenging as it could be when it comes to constipation and other causes of bloating and intestinal gas, the simple remedy is trying out the magical goodness of Ginger.


Here’s the big deal, regardless of how often fresh ginger is recommended, it would be unfair to miss out on several advantages that are associated with dry ginger, looking for the right method of warming up the body on a cold day. then you should try dry ginger. Excuse me Tea lovers, but I do not mean to pry, correct, or reconnect you on how to touch the soul of your taste buds, but here is a golden recipe to enhance the taste of your tea, and every other type of drink, it will surely amount to a medicinal/wellness drink. You can equally use it in baking, vegetable side dishes, and meat dishes. Feel free to flex your cooking skill with the use of dried ginger, a great choice after all. One incredible thing about dried ginger is that the flavor is softer, subtle, and deeper. For every good thing, precaution is included, and it is safe to consume ginger daily, all the same, experts have singled out that for our best interest, we should use 3 to 4 grams a day.


Dried ginger effectively helps with whatsoever you can think of, a good recommendation for weight loss because it improves indigestion and helps to burn stored fat and processed glucose present in the blood cell. How about metabolism, and fat absorption, Do you want to control your overeating habit/ hunger? Flex more with dried ginger. It also lowers cholesterols and triglyceride levels, menstrual pain, nausea/morning sickness, inflammation, and a lot more. Do you know that dried ginger paste mixed in buttermilk is an excellent home remedy for diarrhea, when you consume dried ginger powder mixed with honey at different intervals, it helps to ease hiccups. Inarguably, dried ginger is a unique ingredient you can not do without, it can not be avoided.

Dried Ginger

The Good News is “Nigeria is one of the largest producers of Ginger globally, and one of the listed popular products in the Nigeria market is “Ginger” that is, it is increasingly in high demand, and Kaduna is a major producing zone, and why is that? this is because it is recorded to have over 95% of the country’s total production, incredible isn’t it? Yes! that’s massive. Benue, Gombe, Bauchi, Nassarawa, and Niger State are not left out either, this business is thriving with excellence day in and day out. Nigeria ranks as the third largest exporter of dried ginger in the world. And we can not dispute how challenging it is to get to seal a supply deal for dried ginger, and that is why it is advisable that as a buyer, you carry out careful research, gather detailed information, look out for every flag before going ahead to purchase from a supplier, and this is mostly for Online buyer, don’t squeeze yourself in for any risk, verify, confirm check, and re-check with whichever supplier you want to buy from (online/ offline).

Dried Ginger- a golden recipe

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