Healthy Consumption- Sesame seeds

There are healthier ways to consume sesame seeds, making them essential tips for a superfood diet. Sesame seeds, locally called benne seeds especially in Nigeria, contain a good healthy source of protein, vitamin B, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and fat plus other beneficial plant compounds. It makes more sense when a proven analysis is provided and for a start as to how healthy it is for consumption, sesame seeds contain calories, and approximately two tablespoons of sesame seeds contain less than 100 calories which is exceedingly low in carbohydrates, estimated to have 2 grams of fiber (dietary), 3 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fat. It also provides a quarter’s worth of calcium and iron daily value recommendations.

Have you heard about fibers sesamin and sesamolin? Yes! it is equally found in sesame seeds. This helps to reduce the bad cholesterol and fight against oxidative damage (related to the liver), strengthening the immune system and combating free radicals that are harmful to the body through antioxidants present in sesame seeds. It is quite impossible to ignore the great essence of the fine nutty taste and smooth texture, incredibly delicious. The uniqueness and what makes it very distinctive is the health benefits coated in these tiny kernels making it a good food choice. It is usually referred to as a power seed because of its nutritional and health benefits. The seed and oil form is found in many dishes, and the possibility of consumption at some certain point in your life without you being aware is high. You’re not sure if you should believe this? Well, there is a high chance of detecting sesame (seed or oil form) nutrients a few times in some of the food/dishes you must have eaten.

Sesame seeds

Here is a few sesame seed food hack you are probably not aware of or do not know about. Sesame seeds are ancient seeds and are native to India. Have you tried Chicken Salad with sesame? taste great! How about Rice with sesame seeds toppings which are severed as Pulao? you are missing out if you haven’t tried this amazing dish. Okay, let’s focus on something light how about Millet roti spread made with sesame seeds? You should try these dishes at home and experience the satisfying and irresistible taste from your family pot. Another popular dish is Halva and Tahini, Tahini is prepared with sesame seeds that are crushed and ground to make a thick paste which is used as a dip to eat various food items. Halva on the other hand is gluten-free and made without dairy. The fact is every country has its unique traditional way of making sesame halva. Even the Japanese also uses sesame seeds (black and white) as toppings over different kind of dishes after grinding them.

Black Sesame seeds

The nutritional nutty taste, tiny kernel seed contains Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B1, Selenium, and dietary fibers.

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