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Apart from the amazing recipe ginger represent, it is an irresistible spice and a must-have in every home. Do you know that Nigeria ranks as the fourth largest producer of ginger? Yes! It has been in high demand even though it is expensive. And also the Third Largest Exporter of Dried Ginger in the World after China and India. It is very permissive to think or question the importance of ginger be it dried, fresh, grounded, or crystallized. It is with pride that we reveal how and what Nigeria represents in the general market of the agro commodity. The Southern part of Kaduna state is known as the main Producing sector with an estimate of over 95% of the country’s total Production while states like Nasarawa, Benue, Niger, Gombe, Bauchi, and Benue inclusive flex up as major Producers of the Ginger Crop.

Dried Gingerol

Dried ginger is good for the digestive process (gastrointestinal motility) which is associated with nausea relief. An efficient remedy for people who have issues with indigestion. Another health benefit is to edge off bloating and gas, dried gingers complete the process of cutting down “fermentation, constipation and other causes of bloating and intestinal gas”. And talking about anti-oxidants, it can be found in ginger and this helps “wear and tear on cells”. Over 400 natural compound is present in ginger, dried ginger specifically contains an anti-inflammatory compound that impact and resolve issues related to respiratory inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. Another unique thing about ginger is the “balance of sweetness, and flavor in food and fruits” The intense flavor in dried ginger is much more than fresh ginger.

The shelf life of dried ginger is more shelf stable than fresh ginger even though with time the potency will reduce but it can still hold up to high heat better than fresh ginger. The health benefits linked with consuming ginger can not sweep off unnoticed. Ginger plays a very crucial role in the body and ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is achieved and balanced through consumption.

Dried Ginger

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