An Overview of the Past and Present Challenges of Agro Commodity Trade and A Dependable Matrix For Export Market Opportunities

The agro commodity is structured to effect productivity: The history of agriculture in Nigeria can be traced back to the pre-colonial era, subsistence agriculture dominance became evident on the evening of European colonial rule in Nigeria. This industry featured in food production and self-reliance on food supply. Significantly, beans, cashew, groundnuts, cassava, melon, palm oil, rubber, plantains, rice, soybeans, palm kernels, maize, cocoa beans, sesame, kola nut, sorghum, yams, bananas, and gum arabic were the major food and cash crop back then.

Furthermore, Agriculture today has greatly expanded and adopted positive and revolutionary policies to effect productivity and development that will birth an excellent matrix for a better agro commodity trade now and in years to come. It is a formidable act to ignore the economic crisis experienced in Nigeria today, and this crisis is not a storm that erupted all of a sudden, it certainly has historical roots and we can trace this back to when the British Navy attacked Lagos, Nigeria, in 1851 and by 1861, Lagos became a British crown colony.


And this is one of the major reasons why Britain colonized Nigeria- to ensure a cheap and steady supply of raw materials to British industries, the colonial administration completely discouraged the cultivation of food crops and strongly encouraged cash crop production. They successfully diverted attention away from local creative potentials and resources by forcing and imposing the production of primary resources needed by the Europeans. The colonizing powers in Nigeria did not just stop at that, they ensured the specialization of the country in primary production by adopting a system of quotas and tariffs that heavily favored unprocessed primary commodities from the country.

Agro Commodity Trade

Finally, we can not out rule the government’s attempt to enhance local trade and exports, and that is what gave birth to some policies and programs aimed at improving access to the international market by originating specialized export market support teams to intensify export capacity, the likes of “NATIPP, zero reject policy, agriculture promotion policy, Presidential Economic Diversification Initiative, Economic and Export Promotion Incentives”.

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