Which Do You Prefer, Tea or Coffee- Part I

A verifiable conviction is an individual masterpiece and because we do not agree on the same perspective, there is a huge possibility that you suggest differently. For some exclusive reasons, I’d prefer tea over coffee. We need to be mindful of the fact that this is a personal choice, that is not influenced or coerced by anyone or whatever situation. Also, before digging deep into the gig of the moment, when it comes to coffee, we have four types of coffee beans, and it varies from each other, we have Arabica, Liberica, Robusta, and Excelsa. Now, when it comes to coffee, the simple truth is that coffee is coffee, to clear the air what makes the types different is just the slight attributes, the most popular are “Arabica and Robusta”, and Robusta coffee ranks “second” on the global production list, and mind you the flavor profile is simply harsh and strong, and the caffeine is “a natural insect repellent” which is a menace to the tree. Robusta is also used for discount lines like instant coffees and as a filler in dark roasts. It can also be grown in any number of altitudes and climates. On the hand, Arabica is common and has a high marketing wave, especially in North America, and that’s because of the sweet, and delicate flavor. arabica specie is prone to disease, and this is a big challenge when it comes to farming in great quantities, and this is one of the things that are responsible for the cost of the bean in the global market, but this has nothing on many coffee drinkers around the world, it’s a pleasure for them to pay for the difference, a softer, and sweeter taste is premium.


When it comes to Liberica- a rare treat with specific climates requirement that will allow for farming, and this is what is affecting it, and limiting the demand in the global market. and it is said to have a woody taste with a fruit, and floral aroma. Excelsa is also from the liberica family but is basically grown in Southeast Asia, and is only representing a small equivalent of global coffee production. Now, focusing on the real deal, and as mentioned above, when it comes to tea, and coffee preferences, no doubt about it, I’m personally going for tea. One of the unique things about tea is the numerous types, and this is what gives you access to explore different taste, and mind you the benefits is countless. Kindly permit me to open up your minds to another amazing feature, let’s flex this more, how about white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, dark tea- post-fermented tea, (ginger tea, peppermint tea, herbal tea, chamomile tea, Rooibos tea, chai tea, jasmine tea, etc.) we have more than 95 types of tea that are worth trying out, and yes! that is the game-changing pattern about being a tea lover. And the relevant and interesting part of being a tea lover is the accessibility to every single health benefit each type of tea has to offer, every type of tea surely loads up with bags of healthy and nutritional benefits.


As mentioned earlier, drinking coffee is only about discovering the taste you enjoy and sticking to it, when it comes to tea, that’s not the pattern. What coffee does is create a simple space in your mind that allows you to think about how you like to drink your coffee, hot, iced, with/without creamer? Mind you, if you are more of a coffee formalist whose preference is strictly a simple fresh, hot, black coffee then you should settle for a light Arabica bean, an absolute choice. Coffee variety is all about who grows it, drinks it, pays the most, and the “taste”. All you need to do is find what works for you, so you get to try different things and enjoy the process! But when it comes to tea, all you need to do is conveniently pose a classic and gentlemanly lifestyle and feel free to enjoy the unlimited fine taste, soft, flavored, endless health benefits, and experience the great feeling that comes with each type of tea you can think of.

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