Shea Butter: A Perfect Skin Spread.

Shea butter is a tree nut product and an extract from the shea nut seeds. The fun fact about shea butter is that there is no medical documentation of any allergy whatsoever and it does not contain any chemical irritation that can be harmful to the skin, very suitable for all skin types. You can add shea butter to your general routine, it works for almost everything and is very effective. Talking about moisture, oil balance, collagen, cell regeneration, wound healing, congestion, sore muscle, etc. Shea butter fits perfectly for all because it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, it also keeps your skin flexible and elegant.

Shea Butter

How about Sunscreen? This is the basic, shea butter can not fill in as a complete agent for an effective sunscreen, but applying it on your skin is a plus for sun protection because it contains an estimated SPF of 3-4, and you can always top it with your sunscreen product especially days when you know you would be spending a lot of time outside. Shea butter has been listed as an important ingredient that is commonly used for cosmetics because of its benefits to the skin. When it comes to shea butter you don’t have to freak out about getting bleached, or suffering any skin irritation, it moisturizes the skin for people who always have to deal with dry skin, and it also boosts collagen, a multi-purpose product.

Shea butter is an essential food for the skin and can be used every day, this helps it to speed up the benefiting results, and there is nothing to worry about when it comes to discoloration, stretch marks, blemishes, dryness, dark spots, eczema, and reduce wrinkles without pores blockage as long as you have shea butter at home, improving many skin condition as possible. You can always use shea butter for quick healing of cuts and scrapes, wounds, burns, and a natural and effective makeup remover for beauticians.

Shea Nuts

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