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One of the things we always have to worry about and look out for is our health, there is a lot of benefit and balance linked with a healthy life and that is why it is very important and advisable that we monitor and do frequent check so we can stay alert and do the needful to stay immune to anything that poses as a threat to our health. You would not want to risk being affected or being caught unaware by any threatening diseases or symptoms. A lot of people have this unfavorable habit of ignoring their well-being simply because they assume they are fine and fit, some believe their health is nothing to worry about until it weighs them down and gets them on their knees.

Healthy Lifestyle

The rudiment ensures that your health is properly checked and balanced, which gives you the responsibility of accountability. The interesting gig is Sesame seed, do you know how effective sesame seed is for the treatment and cure of certain health issues? we would focus more on these five- Cancer, Respiratory health, Radiation damage to DNA, Blood pressure, and Diabetes. One of the powerful effects of sesame seeds is their anti-cancer compound, which includes phytic acid, phytosterols, and magnesium. This helps to fight cancer and make the body immune to risky build-ups that can expose the body to several health challenges, which simply means that Sesame seeds have a high phytosterol content of all seeds and nuts.

Sesame seeds

Achieving good respiratory health by adding sesame seeds to your diet is a great way to prevent respiratory disorders because of the magnesium in sesame seeds, which equals “putting a stop to airway spasms and asthmatic conditions”. Radiation damage to DNA is another area of focus, and sesame seeds contain sesamol which can also be found in sesame oil as well, this has been proven to protect against DNA damage influenced by radiation. When DNA is damaged by radiation, there is a causal effect for cancer, genetically induced diseases that become a hereditary defect, heart problems, thyroid, malformations, immune deficiencies, and metabolic disorders.

Sesame oil

Another common health challenge amongst young and old ones is “Blood pressure” which develops over time and as a result of some unhealthy options- stress, smoking, obesity, and it can be genetic as well. And because sesame oil is highly concentrated in magnesium- a functional key nutrient- it helps lower and control blood pressure. And this magnesium present in sesame oil is equally responsible for preventing diabetes and improving plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics. Now you have more than enough reason to update your diet profile by including sesame seeds, consuming appropriate portions is thumbs up for a better healthy result.

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