Agro Commodities is the Big Deal in Nigeria.

Why don’t we take into consideration the genuine mindset of doing business or generally investing. And this is it, as a business owner or firm if you do not have anything to offer when there is nothing to display on any market tabloid. You must have a golden and feasible idea (product), that needs to be nourished and polished, this is simply one of the ways this idea can maneuver its way into the trading system and incredibly take charge of the market and in return become a cost-effective thing. The agro commodity is a lucrative business that is never going to retrogress and will age the toughest time to come. This trading system has so much to give back to society and the world.

We can not ignore the economic challenges of the country, but a very important thing to look out for is how Nigeria has contributed to the growth and remain productive through the agricultural sector, this is because over 72 percent of Nigerians take part in agriculture even at a provisional level, especially in the northern part of the country, a lot of them retired to this farming business as the major option of providing for their families and ensuring a stable livelihood. The largest sector in Nigeria contributing to an average of 35% of the nation’s GDP over the past eight years is Agriculture.


There is no need for beating around the bush or hesitating to affirm the fact that Agriculture is the backbone of Nigeria and is responsible for the largest source of rural employment. Agricultural commodity export has played a crucial role in boosting the country’s economic growth and Sub-Saharan countries. The foreign exchange earnings in Nigeria have gained relevance and have appreciated and also agricultural sector has been used to support other capital projects. The basic contributor to the Nigerian external sector is “Agriculture” even before the discovery of oil.

Agro commodity export

There are procedures when it comes to exporting agro products from Nigeria, it is not a “call and response” robotic step, there are requirements when it comes to agencies and policies. We have different export promotion agencies, procedures, and regulations that play a role in the agro-allied materials from Nigeria. The standard requirement must be issued on specific products before acceptance into the EU market, and failure to follow the pre-requisite equals serious offense against the law and penalty is deemed fit to structure the policy and also serve as a warning to others who are on the towing to becoming the next scapegoat.

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