Nutritional and Health Benefits

Brain Boost Delivered: Paving the Way to a Healthier Memory, Courtesy Ajigofarms!

The Cashew Conundrum: More Than Just a Snack Let's start by acknowledging the undeniable truth – cashew nuts are a delicious snack. Whether you enjoy them on their own, roasted, or as part of your favorite dish, these kidney-shaped wonders have been winning hearts worldwide. But what if we told you that their appeal goes beyond taste? Brace yourselves for the revelation that might just change the...

What You Need To Know About Tiger Nuts and Sourcing For Exporters in Nigeria

Cyperus esculentus (also called chufa, tiger nut, atadwe, yellow nutsedge, and earth almond) is a species of plant in the sedge family widespread across much of the world. Three varieties of tiger nut tubers are easily identified based on their color. They are the yellow, brown, and black varieties. However, only two varieties, yellow and brown, are commonly seen in most local markets in Nigeria. The...

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