Ajigo Farms Ltd serves as a reliable exporter and supplier of Dried Ginger in Nigeria, ensuring a sustained and extended supply for both export and local market consumption. Our Dried Ginger is available in quantities as low as 1 Tonne.

For those in search of a dependable Dried Ginger supplier from Nigeria, your optimal choice is Ajigo Farms Ltd. We provide high-quality Nigerian Dried Ginger at the most competitive prices available.


What is Ginger?

Ginger is a root plant that annually grows stems of approximately one meter in height, featuring narrow green leaves and yellow flowers. Belonging to the family Zingiberaceae, ginger originally thrived in the Southern Asian tropical rainforest. Although it no longer grows wild, its origins are believed to trace back to the Indian subcontinent, evident in the extensive genetic variation observed in ginger plants grown in India.

With significant medicinal and culinary value, ginger is cultivated in substantial quantities by numerous farmers, particularly in the northern region of Nigeria.

In Nigeria, ginger root finds widespread use in crafting herbal medicines and enhancing the flavor of home-cooked meals. Available in both dried and fresh forms, ginger is a staple in nearly every local market across the country. Beyond Nigeria, other major producers and exporters of ginger include Brazil, India, China, Jamaica, Australia, and Sierra Leone.

The global demand for ginger has risen significantly, driven by its incorporation as a raw material in various manufacturing processes.

Types of Ginger Exported From Nigeria:

  1. Sun Dried Split Ginger: This is the most commonly exported type of ginger from Nigeria. Sun-dried and split to enhance shelf life, it can withstand long voyages for international export. Consequently, exporters of sun-dried split ginger are widespread in Nigeria.
  2. Fresh Ginger: Although less commonly exported from Nigeria due to its limited shelf life, fresh ginger is shipped promptly after harvest or dried before export.
  3. Ginger Powder: Exported after processing fresh ginger, ginger powder is another form in which this versatile root is traded globally.

Type: FAQ & ASTA
Impurities: Maximum of 2%
Moisture Content: Maximum of 10%
Drying Process: Sun-dried
Inspection: SGS, Cotecna, Bureau Veritas, Intertek

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